Challenges to raise CSR awareness among your employees

With our awareness-raising challenges, give each of your employees the means to understand key CSR issues so that they can act more effectively.


Fun, customisable awareness-raising programmes consisting of small actions to be carried out over the course of a month​

Topics in line with the CSR calendar and the Sustainable Development Goals

Communication kits and proactive support to help you manage your initiative with ease

A gamified way to raise awareness on CSR

Each challenge is made up of small actions and learning nuggets (quizzes, articles, videos, etc.) to make it easy to decipher a specific CSR topic and take action. As employees complete each challenge, they earn points and move up the rankings.

Increase the participation and satisfaction of your teams through gamification

Implement a reward in the form of a donation to motivate your employees​

Customise or adapt content​

A limited duration for greater momentum



committed companies


high engagement rate


happy users


excellent satisfaction

A wide range of CSR topics

You can choose from a dozen key CSR themes, whether it is to mark a special occasion (Earth Day, European Week of Sustainable Development, etc.) or to involve your employees in one of your CSR commitments.



  • Recognise the benefits of energy frugality
  • Change and optimise consumption habits
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  • Understand the environmental impact of digital practices
  • Adopt eco-friendly digital practices in daily life

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  • Understand the importance of biodiversity for planetary balance
  • Recognise current biodiversity threats and climate consequences
  • Understand our role in its preservation and adopt necessary gestures

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  • Understand the climate emergency to act better
  • Causes, effects, and magnitudes of climate change
  • Deconstruct a complex phenomenon and understand global goals (2 tons, 1.5ºC, etc.)
  • How to act at the individual and collective level
  • Understand the environmental impact of food consumption habits
  • Rethink food consumption and adapt habits to climate challenges
  • Understand the impact of current consumption and production habits (waste, pollution, planetary limits, etc.)
  • Gain a better understanding of recycling
  • Reduce, change, or optimise consumption habits

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  • Understand the impact of mobility on the climate
  • Grasp the advantages of sustainable mobility
  • Rethink daily mobility and adopt new practices

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    • Understand the role of companies in the ecological and social transition
    • Recognise how CSR creates value for your company
    • Know how to translate CSR into concrete actions
    • Embed CSR in the DNA of your company

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  • Understand the importance of a healthy and pleasant work environment
  • Identify and change harmful behaviours
  • Best practices to improve one’s well-being and that of others at work
  • Learn about different types of disabilities (visible and invisible), their value in the workplace, and situations of discrimination
  • Deconstruct preconceived ideas and make room for disability in our society
  • Adopt solidarity and inclusive practices in daily life

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  • Recognise discrimination based on gender, skin color, age, social class (and others) in the workplace
  • Deconstruct biases and explore the benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Adopt solidarity and inclusive practices in daily life

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Turnkey communication kits

Save time and get as many people on board as possible thanks to the communication kits available (emails, posters, reminders, social networks, etc.). Our expert events team will be with you from the launch to the close of the challenge.

More than an challenge

Go further. Get the most out of our comprehensive, actionable guides to keep moving forward on the challenge topic. We work with leading experts (B Corp, We Don’t Need Roads, Newwell, etc.) to help you embed your learnings into your company’s DNA.

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