NooS, an ancient philosophical concept

Awareness enabling Men to think rationally and to reach the highest activity of the human soul.

 – Plato

NooS, a purpose driven company with impact at the heart of its strategy

NooS is proud to be a BCorp company, demonstrating its desire to put innovation at the service of solidarity and general interest.

NooS also gives back 6% of its platform licensing fees to impactful project chosen by our clients' employees.

Our beliefs

The climate emergency and its environmental and social consequences require a strong and immediate reaction.

Donations and funding should not be measured in terms of money invested but in terms of tangible impact.

NooS Beliefs & Vision

More than States or institutions, it is above all responsible companies that can change things through their concrete actions.

NooS Raison d'être

Our "Raison d'être"

Empower businesses to accelerate their positive impact for the planet & people.

We build a community of committed companies that:


Contribute to 7 priority development areas in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Boost carefully selected associations and projects and maximise the impact of each euro invested


Strive for measurable results and to place their stakeholders at the heart of their initiative

NooS, a movement of businesses with ambitious goals for 2025

NooS Zero Waste SDG

Zero waste

One million kilograms of waste diverted from water ways and natural habitat (or production avoided)

NooS Reforestation SDG


One million trees planted (or saved from deforestation), in harmony with local biodiversity

NooS Biodiversity SDG


One million kilograms hectares (sea or land) protected to preserve wildlife / or restored after heavy natural disaster or pollution; in harmony with local populations

NooS Health SDG


One million individuals getting additional access to affordable essential medicine or healthcare training & solutions (Including access to water & sanitation)

NooS Inclusiveness SDG


One million individuals participating or benefiting from actions that promote socioeconomic inclusiveness and non-discrimination

NooS Education SDG


One million hours of quality education or training given to vulnerable people.

NooS Carbon footprint SDG

Carbon Compensation 

One million tons of CO2 offset to reduce our carbon footprint

trees planted
kg of waste collected​

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