Assess, reduce, and compensate
your carbon footprint

Assess, reduce, and compensate your carbon footprint

Discover inspiring certified projects to compensate your company’s carbon footprint

Carbon Compensation & Carbon Footprint NooS

NooS Climate Solutions for companies goes beyond CO2 emissions offset

Carbon Footprint Calculation

Calculate your corporate carbon footprint

First and foremost, we encourage companies’ low-carbon transition. We enable them to calculate their carbon footprint and develop a tailored reduction plan, with carefully selected partners.

Tools for climate action

Provide your employees with tools for climate action

Our tools enable companies to trigger individual and collective climate action to reduce CO2 emissions. With NooS, your stakeholders learn and act together for the planet.

Carbon compensation

Support quality and certified climate action projects

As a last step, we help companies compensate their remaining carbon emissions by enabling them to support certified climate action projects.

Our criteria

At NooS, we are experts in vetting projects with guaranteed impact. We use our expertise to carefully select climate action projects based on three criteria:

reduce CHG emissions

Proven capacity to reduce GHG emissions

Our climate action projects either improve the ecosystem’s capacity to sequestrate greenhouse gases or avoid their emission.

From regenerative agriculture to generation of renewable energy.

Carbon compensation

Provide your employees with tools for climate action

Our vetted projects enable you to offset your carbon footprint while contributing to major social and environmental challenges.

Affordable prices, between 15€ and 40€ per ton of CO2.

Carbon compensation certification

Highest level of certification

Our selected projects are certified by the highest carbon standards that regulate and monitor carbon offset projects.

Carbon compensation

Why carbon compensation?

We believe there are many misconceptions around carbon offset and that it remains highly relevant in the fight against climate change. But what is carbon compensation? Why is it needed? What is a carbon credit? Why support carbon offset projects in developing countries?

Your actions are measured and enhanced

Centralize all of your commitments in one dedicated and fully customizable space open to all your stakeholders

Carbon Compensation by NooS

Discover how NooS is helping those companies
in their carbon reduction initiatives

BASF & NooS Impact CSR

Through NooS, BASF selected carbon offset projects in line with its positioning and implemented an effective communication
strategy to inform its customers.

Metaventures & NooS Impact CSR

Through NooS, Metaventures assessed its carbon footprint and was provided with recommendations to reduce and compensate its emissions in a net zero carbon approach.

Tons of CO2 offset
by NooS's partnering companies
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