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From social anthropology to marine biology, from the management of associations to the application of environmental standards, whether working alongside renowned NGOs or advising large companies , our international team masters the broadest spectrum of CSR issues.


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Our approach is based on best practices in the philanthropic sector. We identify and support projects that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Their performance is rigorously evaluated, monitored & measured.

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Computer programming training for refugees in Jordan

The NGO Chams is uncovering talent among Jordan’s vulnerable refugee population through a revolutionary school of coding, computer programming, and digital literacy.

Selection Criteria

  • An innovative and relevant response to fight the digital gap
  • High-quality education that integrates learning in computer code, communication, and entrepreneurship
  • A successful program: a majority of refugees find an internship or a job after the training
coral guardian with NooS

Protect coral reefs and support local communities

The project aims to ensure the restoration of coral beds, which will contribute to the return of biodiversity to the damaged areas. The creation of local jobs allows the development of economic models in the region and ensures the sustainability of the project.

Selection Criteria

  • Deep CORE will be a regional training center for other coral protection projects in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The participation of local and international communities contributes to the long-term sustainability of the project.
  • The coral species targeted by the project are threatened with extinction.
Projet imagine with NooS

Create ecological awareness from an early age

The Écoles Imagine program gives new generations the power to grow up in a world in which they are agents of change. Adaptable from kindergarten to high school, this educational tool leads to the collective and concrete construction of a sustainable development project.

Selection Criteria

  • 5,000 accompanied students since 2017.
  • A step towards the acquisition for schools of the E3D label (school committed to a sustainable development approach).
  • Projects on a variety of themes: creating social and solidarity links, protecting the environment, gender equality, fighting discrimination

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You already work with associations but you struggle to measure the impact of your actions? You want to involve your teams in the company’s actions? NooS can help you.

NooS assesses your associative partners to certify their positive impact. You can build an inspiring and engaging story to mobilize your teams around your impact goals.

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NooS Impact CSR Expertize

Skilled-based volunteering

NooS Impact CSR Expertize

Skilled-based volunteering

NooS Impact CSR Expertize

Skilled-based volunteering

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BASF & NooS Impact CSR

Selection of carbon offset projects in line with the company’s positioning and implementation of efficient communications to inform clients.

Metaventures & NooS Impact CSR

Calculation of the carbon footprint, formulation of recommendations to reduce emissions and carbon compensation in a net zero carbon approach.

Assesment of the company’s associative partners and measurement of their impact according to the NooS methodology. Improvement of the partners’ presentation (impact branding).

Evaluation of the company’s associative partners and measurement of their impact according to the NooS methodology.

Creation of a custom impact platform to involve the company’s journalists & subscribers in the support of local associations

Sourcing, evaluation and follow-up of new performing associative partners in relation with the company’s positioning in geographical areas (New-York, Leeds, etc.)

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We assist you in calculating, reducing & compensating your carbon footprint with verified projects.

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