A wide range of solidarity actions to foster a corporate culture of commitment

Offer your employees a wide range of opportunities to support outstanding non-profit projects and bring your company’s CSR policy to life.


On NooS, on a one-off or monthly basis, your employees choose the causes they care the most about from our selection of certified non-profit projects and you make a donation in their name.

Your employees access a pool of volunteering opportunities to get involved in a practical way. With NooS, your HR team can easily manage the follow-up of the volunteering mission.

Whether it’s a clothing drive, a meal distribution or a clean-up, we make it easy for you to organise team-building events with our partner associations. Strengthen your team’s cohesion during key events such as Earth Day or Sustainable Development Week.

More than a hundred partner non-profit organisations

Access a portfolio of certified non-profit projects working for the ecological and social transition worldwide. Help these projects to grow with confidence and measure the positive impact of your synergies in real time.

Sustainable Development Goals wheel

Causes linked to the Sustainable Development Goals: inclusion, protection of biodiversity, health, gender equality, reforestation, etc.

Integrate partners

Integrate your long-standing partners

Participatory donation campaigns

Give your employees, customers or stakeholders the reins of your financial sponsorship. In just a few clicks, they choose the causes that are important to them, and you support them on their behalf. Give them the power to act!

Vote: Your employees direct your company’s donations in one click

Matching donations: Multiply donations from your employees and clients

Individual donations: Your employees can make individual donations and track their positive impact

Committed corporate gift:Your stakeholders choose a cause to support, you donate to it


Corporate volunteering made easy

Put your team’s talent to work for the common good. Whatever their skills, availability, interests, or place of residence, your employees have access to a pool of volunteering opportunities. With NooS, your HR teams can easily manage your employees’ volunteering missions.

Solidarity team buildings to improve cohesion

Together, it’s easier. Access a catalogue of solidarity teambuilding activities to encourage your employees to get involved and strengthen your team’s cohesion. We’ll help you organise the activity of your choice from A to Z.



A waste collection with Clean My Calanques


A football tournament with Sport dans la Ville


A workshop to raise awareness on food waste with HopHopFood

Corporate volunteering

And much more!

NooS commits alongside you. We donate 6% of our revenue to non-profits chosen by your teams.

Éric NooS


Paul NooS


Aela Ribadeau Dumas


Antoine NooS


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